What is the Top Compound Bow for Turkey Hunting?

Turkey hunting can be both an exciting and tiring exercise. Depending on people’s preference as well as experience, some hunters prefer to go turkey hunting with their guns while others prefer to use bows.

Well, the difference between the two categories of people is huge. Those who prefer shotguns want it the easy way. On the other hand, hunters who prefer a string and a stick love the challenge. Do you know why? 

Take this situation. You have made a location call and the gobbler has responded. While you try to draw your bow back on the gobbler from your blind spot, he notices it and tries to get away. That means you miss your shot.

Now, who between the person using a shotgun and the one using a bow will be able to get another shot soon enough before the turkey disappears? Your guess is as good as mine!

While bow hunting requires more effort and precision, many hunters still prefer to use that method over a shotgun. That means that it is possible. In case you want to give it a try, you are in the right place.

In this article, we have done our research and prepared you a list of the best bows that you could use to bag those gobblers.

1. Diamond Infinite Edge 

If you are looking for a versatile bow for turkey hunting, this will be an awesome buy. The product has been designed with a wide range of adjustability options, making it our top pick.

The product is an improvement from a previous best seller model made by the same reputable company, which specializes in making hunting gear. As far as the build is concerned, this bow has been made from aluminum components.

These guarantee longevity with minimum wear and tear and make the bow relatively lightweight as it weighs just 3.2 lbs. Thus, it is easier to move around with the bow for long durations without feeling uncomfortable.

It features a handmade string and a solid limb that is durable, making it better than the other split limb constructions that can be found in other bows.

The general performance of this Diamond Archery is very impressive. It has a draw length that lies within 13 inches and 31 inches. The draw weight is also not fixed as it can be tailored according to one’s needs from 5 to 70 pounds. 

It can reach a velocity of about 310’ per second.

This explains why the uses of this bow are versatile.

Besides the bow, the package comes with other accessories that come without a cost. This includes a 3-pin tundra sight, a peep sight, a stabilizer, an arrow rest, a quiver, a string loop, and a wrist sling.

With the free stabilizer, you don’t have to worry about the strings making noise and thus drawing your prey away. The vibrations are kept at the minimum, and there is no point in investing your money in equipment like silencers.


  • The bow comes with various adjustability options to suit the preference of the hunter.
  • It is lightweight thus can be used in any situation
  • The package comes with other vital accessories


  • The peep sight does not come already installed
  • It is costly

2. Bear Cruzer G2

This is another bow that is very versatile and offers various adjustability options to suit your preference. It is an ideal turkey hunting bow that can be used by both experienced professionals and young shooters

It has nice finishing, having been made from durable aluminum material that also serves to make the bow light and comfortable for long hunting expeditions. The model’s weight stands at 3 lbs.

The fact that this product has a limited lifetime warranty speaks volumes about its longevity. As always, nobody would put a warranty on something that he is certain it won’t last a week.

 The construction features some EnduraFiber limbs which are quality and will go a long way in providing the necessary conditions needed to release your arrows at an unmatched speed.

The manufacturer of this product had the needs of both right-handed and left-handed archers in mind. The bow’s draw length is adjustable to a desired value, which is within 12” and 30”. As for the draw weight, it can be modified to weigh within 5 and 70lbs.

All you need is an Allen Wrench to adjust the weight or length. The bow can reach a velocity of 315’ per second.

In addition to the bow, various accessories are also delivered upon purchase. These include a peep sight, a loop, a 4-pin sight, a stabilizer, a quiver, and a whisker biscuit arrow rest. It also comes with the RockStops string suppressor that reduces noise and vibrations.


  • It can be silenced as you move in the woods
  • It is durable
  • Comes with a wide array of accessories


  • The limbs might pop out when you are customizing the draw weight
  • Tuning it is difficult

3. CreativeXP GlassHarrier

If you want to save money without compromising on the quality of the bow, this is your go-to option.

 GlassHarrier is as good as those high-end top brands that will cost you four times as much. It is made from 100% aluminum materials to ensure that the product lasts a lifetime.

Did you know that this hunting bow can be used by both beginners and hunting masters?

It is easy to set up this bow and get ready for your next hunting experience. In case you are a first time user, the package comes with a user manual which contains a step-to0-step guide on how you can get the bow ready.

This means that you do not have to spend extra dollars convincing an expert to set it up for you.

Let us now look at the specifications. This bow is adjustable to suit persons of all heights, skills as and body weight. It has a draw weight that can be altered to weigh within 30 and 70lbs. 

The draw length can also be fine-tuned according to the user’s preference, provided it falls within 23.5’ and 30.5”.

Thanks to its lightweight features, the bow can send your arrows flying at a velocity of 320 feet per second. Plus, this model has a 30 inches axle-to-axle length and a 7.4 inches brace length.

As part of the package, you also get some accessories including 3 carbon arrows, a 5-pin sight, a string stopper, a string wax, a release aid, a rubber stabilizer, paper targets, a premium arrow rest, and a quiver.


  • You don’t have to spend money buying other accessories separately
  • It is light
  • It is durable


  • The peep sight is not pre-installed
  • Only designed to suit right-handed hunters

4. TOPOINT Trigon

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand name! At just 370 US dollars, you can get this TOPOINT Trigon from Amazon. 

It is an excellent buy for novice archers who do not want to feel like they are missing something important when it comes to costly bows.

Beginning from the construction, the bow uses aluminum CNC machining bow riser material. This assures you that the bow will last for some years before it finally wears out.

Also, this material is lightweight making your hunting trips as comfortable as they could get. It only weighs 3.95lbs! The bow limbs have been made by the USA based Gordon composites, and you can be sure that they will be durable.

As for the design, the bow is available for right-handed archers. The draw weight of the bow ranges within 19 to 70 lbs. and a hunter can select what works for him. Likewise, its draw length ranges within 19” and 30”.

Luckily, you do not need a bow press to make the adjustments in weight or length. 

Following the lightweight of the bow, it can send your arrows flying at 320 feet per second.

In addition to the Trigon, the package comes with the following accessories: a bow sight, 2 brush arrow rests, 3 pieces of brush replacement, an aluminum stabilizer, a bow release, and a braided bow sling with an aluminum mounting.

It also comes with an arrow quiver, a D-loop assembly, a meter replacement, an aluminum peep sight, 2 limb dampers, a bow stand, an arrow pullier, a bowstring wax, an Allen key, a camo cap, 5 target paper, arrows, and a carry case.


  • It is adjustable
  • The materials are durable
  • The package comes with other accessories


  • Designed for right-handed users
  • The Allen keys are weak and strip easily


5. Predator Archery Raptor

For durable material that is ready to shoot straight out of the box, this predator archery raptor bow is a nice pick

The bow is made from quality materials that will serve you for years. This includes aluminum cams that are machines, to help the bow survive the wear and tear it might be exposed to.

It is a good choice for both beginners and experts, given it meticulous design that lets off about 75% of the weight. In essence, therefore, the bow is quite light and comfortable for the turkey hunting expeditions.

This bow only weighs 3.6 pounds and has an axle to axle length of 30 inches. The predator bow has a wide array of draw weights, the lowest being 30 pounds and the highest 70 pounds.

Even better, you can set your preferred value of draw length, following the product’s options that fall within 23.5” and 31”.

Good news! You don’t need a bow press to adjust the length or weight.

The predator archery raptor bow features an IBO speed rating of 315 feet per second, which is relatively higher than some that we have seen in our other top picks. 

As part of the package, a purchaser also gets other accessories including an Allen wrench, a 5 pin fiber optic sight, a 2-foot paper target, a TRUGLO E brush set, a string stop, a stabilizer, and a 4 arrow quiver. 


  • Has a durable construction
  • Has a 75% weight let off
  • Has a pre-installed peep sight and loop


  • Need some tuning before using
  • Only designed for right-handed users

A Buyer’s Guide to Help You Purchase the Best Bow

Just the same way you can’t walk into a supermarket without a shopping list, you can’t obtain the best hunting bow in the market without knowing what exactly you want to gain from it. 

You see, our shops and market are currently saturated with thousands of hunting bows. While some could be original and genuine, some may be counterfeit.

Likewise, the bows vary in terms of their features. As an example, some might be faster than others. Are you a beginner who wants to find the best bow for the coming spring or an experienced hunter who wants a replacement?

We have you all covered. In this part, we have highlighted some of the key features that you should look out for in a bow before purchasing one. This is a must-read!

The draw weight

Wondering what the draw weight of a bow denotes? This refers to the amount of pressure you need to apply to pull or draw your arrow back. Depending on how well the upper body is built, the draw weight varies from one person to the next.

It is therefore imperative to go for a bow that has a draw weight you can handle with a lot of ease. A bow that has adjustable draw weights can work well.

But to be sure, you have to know your strength. If you need to make so many movements (say leaning back and forth or raising the bow upwards) to achieve your full draw, that is not the bow for you.

You can try out different options to see which one works best for you. Remember, it might be a tad bit difficult to handle a bow that is way too heavy for you. In effect, it also exposes you to higher risks of sustaining injuries.

The speed

I can’t think of something that can give a turkey hunter advantage more than speed. Come to think of it, is there any gobbler that would hesitate to run away the moment they realize they are in danger? My guess is as good as yours.

This is where gunshots usually come in handy, as you can pull another successive shot very fast if the first one misses. With bows, this can be a bit difficult. But that does not mean that it is impossible.

With the modern advancements in this area, some bows have very impressive IBO speed ratings. Some have a velocity of up to 370 feet per second. The higher the speed, the better.

When the speed is high, the bow will send your arrows flying in the air fast enough to ensure you kill that gobbler.

Check to ensure that the bow you are buying has the speed you want for your hunt.

Let off

Does the term sound familiar? If you have years of experience in bow hunting, it should be familiar. But if you want to try them for the first time, don’t worry. That is why we are here.

Put simply, this is the percentage of the holding weight of a bow that can be minimized after the bow is fully drawn. This function is performed by cables and cams that form part of the bows.

In case you are lost, go through this hypothetical example. 

Assume that a bow has a total weight of 100 pounds. In its specifications, it is stated that it has a let off of 75%. 75% of 100 pounds gives us 75 Pounds. That means that the bow will be weighing 25 pounds when fully drawn, and that is what the hunter will feel.

Averagely, most bows have a let off of 65%. However, there are some that feature a let off of up to 80%. While the higher let off allows you to hold the bow at full draw for long durations without feeling tired, you need more energy to hold it.

A low let off might not allow you to hold the bow at full draw for long periods but it will be a lot more comfortable to operate at the end of the day.

Make your choice wisely.

Brace Height

For clarity, brace height denotes the perpendicular distance between the grip of your bow and the bowstring when the bow is at rest. The brace height of the bow will go a long way in determining how accurate your shots will be. 

Longer brace heights tend to be friendlier than shorter ones, as you can shoot with ease. On the contrary, the shorter brace heights are faster than their long counterparts.

Let’s summarize. The longer the brace height, the slower and more accurate your shots.

Thus, 7 inches is considered to be the ideal brace height. Bows with 6 inches brace heights are regarded as speed bows while those with 8 inches are considered competition bows.

Don’t go for a bow whose brace height falls outside the 6 to 8 inches range.

Draw length

The draw length refers to the maximum distance a bow can be drawn back to. Once they reach their draw length, they can’t move back any further. The cams system of the bow controls the draw length.

Since our physical sizes vary from one person to another, it is vital to ensure that you are settling for a bow that matches yours. Remember, a draw length that is too small or too large can affect your shooting accuracy.

The good thing is that you can calculate your draw length. All you have to do is to fully stretch out your hands then measure the distance between your right hand middle finger and your left hand middle finger, your arms and chest included.

Proceed to subtract 15 from the figure you obtained. Finally, divide the result by 2. The end product you get is your draw length. Compare this to what is specified on given bows and settle for whichever suits you best.

Weight of the bow

You might want to consider the general weight of the bow since you are intending to use it for turkey hunting. This means that you will be moving around with it for as long as your hunt lasts.

If your bow is heavy, you might find it uncomfortable. Plus, you don’t want to rest in between your shots as your turkey might run away. Therefore, you must settle for a bow that will not weigh you down and ruin your hunting adventure.

You should not take the figure given by a manufacturer for it. Usually, that is just the dry weight and it has not taken into account factors like the quiver, rest, and sights.

Do your due diligence and make sure you won’t regret your choice.


For the best hunting bow that will help you to bag many gobblers come springtime, we recommend that you get yourself the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow. Wondering why? Here are our reasons.

To begin with, the bow features a durable construction that has been made from aluminum material. Being an improvement from the previous version of the bow, everything has been fine-tuned to give you a product worth the value of your money.

Also, the materials used in the construction are light and thus, it is convenient and comfortable to walk around with your bow without straining. It is even easier to shoot at the gobblers as it does not weigh down on you.

The bow has excellent performance and is very adjustable. The draw length can be adjusted between 13 inches and 31 inches. The draw weight can also be customized to values between 5 pounds and 70 pounds.

With an IBO speed rating of 310 feet per second, the bow has all it takes to send your arrows flying in the air before those turkeys get away.

Finally, the package is delivered as a complete kit alongside other accessories. These include a 3-pin tundra sight, a peep sight, a stabilizer, an arrow rest, a quiver, a string loop, and a wrist sling.

Go ahead and get yourself this compound bow today!