What is the Top Camouflage Clothing & Gear for Turkey Hunting?

When shopping for your spring hunting gear, you tend to be more interested in important things like the best hunting bow or shotgun and maybe an effective decoy. 

Our guess is that you don’t tend to be concerned as much with your clothes. Hey! Not so fast, buddy. It is not always about the skill. 

What you wear while hunting can go a long way in determining whether you go home with those wild gobblers or you become frustrated, having killed none. 

Here is a little secret. Turkeys are very clever birds. Their eyesight is excellent. Their hearing, even better. It only takes a second for them to spot or sense danger, maybe just the rustling of leaves.

Therefore, you don’t want to make things more complicated for yourself by wearing clothes that leave you exposed. Believe it or not, your chances of having a successful hunt become minute.

Thanks to creativity and innovation, we now have countless brands of hunting clothes. These are called ‘camo’ clothes (others call them Ghillie). They help to conceal your presence in the woods by blending with the environment.

While the options are endless, there are factors that come into play to determine whether a given brand is suited for you. We have, therefore, researched and presented you with a list of the 5 best camo clothes we recommend.

Take a look.

1. New View

The New View camo hunting clothes come as a suit set, with a pant and a jacket. The suit has a camo tree color for effective concealment. 

Adding to the nice camouflage pattern that depicts nature and vegetation, the gobblers wouldn’t be able to notice you!  You just have to make sure that you remain silent and cautious. 

As for the material, it is made from soft polyester fabric to maximize your comfort. Plus, it is also breathable, water resistant, and wind proof. You don’t have to worry about bad weather.

Besides, the hunting suit has enough pockets where you can put all your hunting gear instead of having to carry a backpack. To be specific, they total up to 10, including 2 at the chest, 3 at the sleeves, 4 for the pants among others.

The suit’s jacket is also hooded to ensure it covers your head. However, it is not fixed as you can opt to hide it or get rid of it entirely.


  • Excellent camouflage pattern
  • Has many pockets
  • It’s breathable and water resistant


  • Not true to size
  • A bit bulky

2. Browning 

As the runners up, we have this hunting jacket made by the browning company. This is a nice option for cold weather, thanks to the material used in its manufacture and the internal fleece.

You can be sure that you will get enough warmth to sustain you while in the woods. It also has some upper pockets that have a touch of fleece finishing, and 2 other zipped lower pockets. This can come in handy if you don’t have gloves for your hands.

Besides, it is also water-resistant. This means that you could sit easily sit in your blind, regardless of how the environment is.

The camouflage pattern is also excellent for someone who wants to conceal their presence. It has a print design that depicts shadow grass blades, which perfectly blends with the natural environment.

If you can manage to go around the hefty price tag (according to Amazon, the browning hunting jacket goes for about 100 to 110 dollars), this can be your go-to option.


  • It is warm
  • Features a shadow grass blades camouflage pattern
  • It is water resistant


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t come with pants

3. Mossy Oak

Right from making quality turkey hunting shotguns to hunting clothes, this is a reputable company that you can trust with your money. 

The camo pants from Mossy Oak come in a number of camouflage patterns including mossy oak bottomland, original treestand, and break-up country. 

How is this good news to turkey hunters? Depending on the part of the country that you want to go turkey hunting, you get to choose the camo pattern that best compliments the environment.

Let’s talk about the design of these camo pants. The shell used for the outer fabric is smooth and quiet, to ensure it does not ruin the hunt for you by attracting gobblers when you move in the woods.

Plus, the inner fabric features a fleece lining to generate enough warmth during extremely cold weather.

Several zippers have been added to make the pants as breathable as possible.

Finally, it has been carefully crafted to provide maximum comfort as you wear it. For starters, the material used and the waist are elastic and stretchable. Also, the knees are stitched to promote kneeling, sitting, and squatting.


  • Comes in several camo patterns
  • It is breathable
  • It is warm


  • Has no jacket
  • Can run big

4. ScentLok

If you are comfortable with the idea of forking out hundreds of dollars in exchange for a quality hunting jacket, why don’t have a look at this one?

The turkey hunting jacket is made from realtree edge color. This forms a nice camouflage with the trees, and it would be very difficult for a gobbler to spot you when you are moving about.

The DuoTone overly panels take the concealment of the jacket a notch higher.

The USA-made product has a price tag that ranges from 115 to 305 dollars. That speaks volumes about its quality. As always, quality products come at a cost. Turkey hunting clothes are no exception.

To be specific, the jacket has been made from an aluminum material for longevity. This is unique when comparing to other camo clothes.

It also features a carbon alloy technology which is meant to enhance its ability to absorb bad odor.

Importantly, the camo jacket is true to size and water repellant.


  • Made from Aluminum for durability
  • Features a carbon alloy technology for odor absorption
  • Has DuoTone overlay panel to improve concealment


  • It is pretty expensive
  • Has no pants

5. Nomad Scrape Bib

In the fifth slot (mainly due to the fact that it is very expensive) is this hunting scrape bib made by Nomad. Its performance is just unrivaled!

It is made from a 100% polyester material that is silent, reducing the chances of being detected by wild gobblers.

Also, this is an all-weather type of hunting camo. Rainy days are met with the water repellent coating forming part of the outer material. This keeps you dry and comfortable, thus you are able to perform at your optimum best.

The fleece lining used for the construction of its interior and its Sherpa-lined pockets make this even much better by ensuring you remain warm at all times.

Likewise, windy days have to face the wind resistant 3-layered exterior fabrics that have been used in its design. They function by minimizing the amount of wind that gets through to your body. The scrape bib is an excellent option for those long hunting days.

For comfort, it has a side zipper to enhance breathability and a soft material that be put in a cloth-washing machine


  • Made from quality material
  • It’s wind proof
  • It’s water repellent


  • It’s very expensive
  • The design can be inconvenient 

What makes up a complete set of turkey hunting apparel? 

When you hear someone talking about turkey hunting clothes, it goes much more beyond a jacket and a pair of pants. There are other essential wears that come in handy when you want to stay completely concealed from the wild turkeys.

This section highlights some of those apparel.

  • Pants 

Needless to say, the type of pants that you wear when you go hunting will play a role in determining how many gobblers you catch. Will you be lucky or will you go home empty handed?

Hang on to find out the key features that make a nice camo pant.

  • Jacket 

You see, the point of having a camo jacket goes beyond just wanting to remain concealed. It is usually not easy to tell when some rains might fall especially during the spring season.

To stay armed, it is important to find yourself a camo jacket.

  • Gloves 

Your hands are bound to make frequent movements while turkey hunting given that they play the major role. Just think of it, you can’t pull back your hunting bow or gunshot without moving them.

They are therefore susceptible to frequent exposure. This explains why finding some camouflage gloves is as important.

  • Masks/Nets

In case you are wondering, you need a hunting mask or a net so as to conceal your face. If you leave your whole face exposed, there are chances that a turkey will easily spot you. This is thanks to their unmatched eyesight.

However, you want to ensure that you still have your vision to track the birds. That’s why there are some openings left for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Some simply start from your nose downwards.

  • A cap

Again, this one is very necessary when it comes to hiding your head. While this may be optional, it does not seem to be wise leaving your head exposed.

For extreme temperatures, you can go for any other suitable headwear.

  • A vest

This might be important if you want something that can hold your hunting gear. A turkey vest usually has several pockets that can accommodate anything you throw its way. Some vests even have a game bag for your successfully hunted gobblers!

  • Boots 

You also need something for your feet since you are going into the woods. Importantly, they should be able to blend with the surroundings so as to give you the concealment that you so desire.

This is especially important if you prefer to tuck in your pants. Otherwise, they might serve the role and hide the boots.

To ensure you are getting the right pair of turkey hunting boots, you should consider the terrain of the land where you are going hunting. This will help you to select a pair that best matches the support you will need.

Features to Consider When Buying Camo Clothes; Buying Guide

As we all know by now, there numerous brands of camo clothes in the market, all manufactured by different companies. 

This, therefore, means that the features and performance will always vary from one brand to another, depending on the level of skill and innovation. You want to ensure that you are investing your money in the best.

So what makes up great camo clothes? Here are some features that you should consider before buying yourself a given brand.

Camouflage pattern

The first step to identify the ideal camouflage pattern for you is to get acquainted with the area where you are going hunting. Is it characterized by long grass or too many trees?

If you know how your environment looks like, you will be in a position to choose a camouflage pattern that blends with it and compliments it.

There are a number of camouflage patterns and camo colors that are used to design camo clothes. Talk of shadow grass blades, mossy oak bottomland, original treestand, and break-up country which are used for Mossy Oak brand.

Do your research and buy the right camo clothes.

Adaptability to weather

As much as possible, try to get camo clothes that can be used during extreme weather conditions as well as under normal circumstances.

Take this situation, you go hunting then it starts to rain unexpectedly when you’ve not killed a single gobbler. The thing is, the gobblers will not go hiding because there is some slight rain.

It, therefore, becomes advantageous if you have camo clothes that are water repellent, as you can hold on a little longer and continue with your hunting. You don’t want to become water as then you might not perform at your best.

Also, the camo clothes should be wind proof to prevent too much air from getting in. you might become uncomfortable if you are too cold. Consequently, you will be less effective during the hunt.

Finally, on the point, go for clothes that have an interior design that is effective when it comes to keeping you warm. A fleece laced material would be a perfect example, as it is able to trap some air and maintain the warmth that you need.

If it is too hot, you know what to do!


Your comfort is paramount if you are going to have a successful hunt. In hot weather, you need to go hunting with camo clothes that will allow free circulation of air. This is where clothes with zippers become important.

Enough breathability helps you to maintain your run without feeling too exhausted.


Just like with the last feature, you have to consider how heavy the camo clothes are. The best camo clothes will be made from lightweight materials. This will enable you to move about for long hours, without feeling that they are weighing you down.

The weight of your hunting tools like the gun, bow, and decoys is already enough.


The last thing you should do is to buy camo clothes because they are cheap. The main consideration should be how durable they are.

Thus, look at customer reviews. Invest your money in a set that will withstand many days of intensive use.


The fit of the clothes should not put your hunting at risk. Go for those made from stretchable materials and that have an expandable waist. 

On the positive side, these will help you to change your position when aiming at a bird without having to make a full rotation. Who knows, you might make some noise and scare the gobbler while trying to move!


While there are hundreds of turkey hunting camos out there, not each one of them can be perfect for you. Your chances of bagging a couple of wild turkeys increase exponentially when you have the right clothes.

How do you know that a given brand is the best? You have to consider factors such as concealment. It should feature a great camouflage pattern that makes the camo fit naturally in the surrounding environment.

Also, consider other aspects such as breathability, the weight of the camo, and how flexible it will be wearing the clothes.

That said, New View 2020 is our recommended turkey hunting camo suit. It comes with both a hooded jacket and pants that feature a camo tree color. Also, its camouflage pattern entails prints of vegetation and nature, which can effectively conceal you.

The camo suit has about 10 pockets where you can put your hunting gear in case you dint want to become too loaded with other hunting bags.

New View is made from a polyester material that is soft and comfortable. The outer fabric is water repellent so you can still withstand light showers that come unexpectedly before you leave the woods. 

The wind-proof outer fabric and the fleece laced inner material ensure that you remain warm while hunting.

Grab the camo suit at affordable prices across all shops.