What are the Top Boots for Hunting Turkey?

Do you enjoy hunting? There sure is plenty to thrill in with the final reward as much as there is with the chase and the hunt. If your preference is hunting wild turkey, then every fall and spring could be a chance to horn your skills and have some good time as well. 

In your venture, you will find that hunting boots come quite handy. Regular shoes may last you a few meters through rough terrain, but will sure be worn out or pretty uncomfortable by the time you start going through streams and harsh weather conditions.

Turkey hunting boots have been specially designed to withstand harsh treatment from rough ground and the weather. What’s more is that some models are ideal for different seasons of the year. 

Therefore, if you’ll be hunting in fall, then you may have something different from when you’ll be planning for your spring hunting. 

As we will discuss, turkey hunting can be successful if you consider some critical factors. The most important one, which is the core of this article, is choosing the right pair of boots. Others include understanding the turkey seasons and how they will affect your choice of boots. 

With all the available brands and models of turkey hunting shoes, however, a lot can get confusing when shopping. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the best turkey hunting shoes out there, and what each has to offer you. Our list is as follows: 

1. Danner Men’s Gila 6

If you’ll be hunting in rough and perhaps challenging surroundings, then you may want to try the Danner Men’s Gila 6 boots. You will get not only high-quality from these boots’ nylon and leather composition but also waterproofness, thanks to their Gore-Tex lining, which also enhances breathability. 

What else does this pair have to offer? The boots’ shaft measures about 6” from the arch, and from the heel, the boots measure 1.5”, with a 1” platform. You may find their speed hooks to be compatible with D-ring lacing. Their padded collar also offers protection, besides extra comfort. 

The protection that Danner boots offer doesn’t end there, but extends to the toes and fingers. You can, therefore, feel safer from potential injuries. You may find their removable insole to be soft and the PU midsole to be more supportive. The boots’ rubber stabilizes footing in rough and ragged terrains.

Besides the easily breathable lining, is the boots’ polyurethane foot bed, which not only improves air circulation but also offers more comfort. You may generally find Danner turkey hunting boots to be ideal and a good value.


  • Comfortable 
  • Easily breathable
  • Durable


  • You may find them to be pricey

2. Danner Men’s High Ground

If you anticipate to take on a chase in your turkey hunt, then the Danner Men’s High ground boots may serve you right. What do they have to offer? Well, first, they are great for high-speed hunting. This is because they are flexible and lightweight.

The boots have been designed for a rough or ragged terrain. Their rubber outer soles exhibit great traction and grip. They also have tight heel pockets, and the toe box provides reasonable and ample space. Their padded tongues are good for protection and support.

Let’s have a look at this pair’s structure. You may find it to be quite durable, thanks to the upper, which is made of both 900 denier polyester and leather. Does this compromise on lightness? No. The boots remain to be lightweight. The shaft measures to 8.75” from the arch, with the boots’ circumference being adjustable.

Besides serving as a reliable waterproof, the boots’ Gore-Tex lining also regulates moisture within, the result being easy breathability, thus comfortably dry feet. You may find their lacing system to be pretty easy, enhanced by the speed hooks. You may generally find this pair to be comfortable in their light-weight and to be a great value.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easily breathable
  • Durable


  • You may find them to be pricey 
  • Unsuitable for warm seasons

3. Bog Men’s World Slam

What stands out most about the Bog Men’s hunting boots, is their construction. But does this brand deliver on other points? Let’s find out. Its Neo-Tech insulation measures 3mm, meaning that its lightweight and you can trust it to keep the cold out. 

The boots are also easily breathable, thanks to the 2mm lining of Airmesh. Besides breathability, is moisture management, which the shoe provides, with its Max-Wick. You should expect no discomfort from sweat or moisture that builds up on wearing boots for long.

You may love the great ankle fit that the Bog boots provide, with extra protection guaranteed. Any odour that would otherwise build up, can be dealt with by the boots’ Aegis Antimicrobial technology. What’s more is that they are waterproof, and should deliver ultimate comfort. 

Made of synthetic, these boots also come with a rubber sole. The shaft measure to 15.5” from the arch, and the heels measure to 1.5”. They have an opening of 17”, and flexible rubber on the upper. The Bogs boots also come with thermal and contoured EVA midsoles and insoles.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable 
  • Durable
  • Anti-odour 


  • Unsuitable for cold seasons

4. LaCrosse Grange

LaCrosse presents this pair of high-quality boots, which may impress you. They’re made of ZXT rubber, which is a good wear and tear resistant. The material is also ozone friendly. The boots’ tensile strength makes them all the more ideal for hunting.

What’s on the boots’ toe and heel areas? Rubber; you should find it in multiple layers, which results in durability and more protection to your feet. Are they waterproof? Very well so! Their ability to keep water off is great. 

Besides the comfort that LaCrosse delivers, these boots are also scent-free. The arch to shaft measure is knee-high. Both this pair’s ankle fit-design and straps help with keeping them in place when you wear them; the straps further allow easy adjustability.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Waterproof


  • Unsuitable for warm seasons

5. LaCrosse AeroHead

A feature that stands out with the LaCrosse AeroHead is the pair’s AeroForm technology, which delivers unmatched performance in hunting shoes. The boots’ mold, which injects with liquid polyurethane, provides not only comfort, but great air circulation. You should also find their material to be lightweight and warm.

Made of neoprene, these boots have rubber soles and measure 17” from the shaft to the arch. Their back gusset allows easy adjustability, with straps for an ideal fit. Besides supporting integrated shanks, this model of LaCrosse boots for turkey hunting has a removable EVA foot bed and excellent outsole traction. 

LaCrosse doesn’t compromise on comfort, and that is clear with these boots’ AeroHead technology, which additionally serves waterproofing purposes. Their seams are stitched and durable; their liquid rubber coating great for improving the durability.

These boots have a neoprene and polyurethane structure, which keeps water away. They also have a moisture-wicking layer, which helps with ridding sweat, thus keeping your feet dry.


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof 
  • Durable 


  • Unsuitable for cold seasons

Are you turkey hunting or planning to? You perhaps have not tried it before or are a seasoned hunter. Whatever the case, the right gear for a hunt is invaluable, and will ensure not only success, but comfort as you wait or trek for hours.

Hunting wild turkey can be an interesting activity. With local rules and regulations in mind, you can partake in it during spring or fall. You may come to find these seasons to be favourable for various reasons, while they can also affect your choice of gear. Why don’t we find out how and why?

The essentials you’ll need are like your weapon, which would be recommended as a shotgun or of between 10 and 20 gauge. You can also use a bow and arrow, which are becoming most hunters go-to. Camouflage wear will also come quite handy with concealing yourself.

Turkeys happen to have excellent eye-sight, and will easily spot you should you be exposed. What cannot be overlooked, however, is a nice, suitable pair of hunting boots. Yes, hunting turkey is not all about the action or concealment but also movement and comfort. How do you achieve the best of both and how can they help you?

Turkey hunting involves a lot of walking, especially since you’d want to remain silent and hidden. Depending on a lot of factors and among them season, your movement to your favourite spot could come easy or challenging. I’ve started off with season because I find to be an important consideration while turkey hunting.

Each season will deliver varied results with the hunt you take home. This is because male turkeys are more dominant and easily available during fall. You may succeed in drawing them to firing range, with a few tactics in play. Spring, on the other hand, is best for hunting flocks.

Flocks will involve both male and female turkeys. Depending on when you’ll be doing your hunting and as aforementioned, with local regulations in mind, you could hunt in either of these seasons. You will come to realize that your movement and comfort, in each case, will have different requirements.

When hunting during fall, which precedes winter and could get cold, you may need a heavier pair of boots that comes with insulation. Such a pair will not only keep the cold away, but will also enhance your manoeuvrability. 

Since you may be walking for long distances through such weather as in fall, hunting may feel difficult if you’re not comfortable enough. Males may also keep you waiting for long durations in your spot, before they can get to close range.

When hunting during spring, on the other hand, which precedes summer and could get pretty warm, you may need a light pair of boots that can feel flexible and offer easy breathability. 

I would like to believe that you’re aware of the risks of heat to your feet. As temperatures rise in the boots you’re wearing, your feet could get burns or aches with more movement. Blisters are also a common possibility.

Easy breathability is thus critical in ensuring proper air circulation. Due to the long distance you may have to walk, the lightness and flexibility of your pair will enhance ease and comfort. Spring is a relatively easier time to hint, since luring will work for both male and female turkeys, which you’re likely to find in flocks.

For a successful and smooth hunt, however, you will need to put more factors into consideration than what we’ve briefly shed light on. Is your choice of brand important? Indeed, it is. We have discussed some of the best boots for turkey hunting, and what they have to offer.

You must have realized that each product had something unique to show. A manufacturer’s delivery will have something special about it; and a good product, one that has you as the customer in mind, should serve more if not all your hunting needs.

From the products we’ve discussed, however, how do you determine what works best for you? With your preference in mind, I would like to discuss more factors that you should consider before or when shopping for the best boots for turkey hunting.


What determines durability? A good build would be a good answer. But every manufacturer has a satisfactory delivery at heart, and will, therefore craft a product to match the value that it is deemed to provide. Durability is great value from any product.

If you can use something for years without having to replace it, then it deserves a thumbs up for its great quality. You don’t have to spend your money every time making purchases and replacing old stuff that gets ruined or broken before you’ve had enough of them.

A durable product should save you a lot of trouble, and of course, money. When looking for turkey hunting boots, a durable pair would be ideal for a few reasons. One is that hunting involves rough and often swift activities. You may have to run through rough terrains, or cross rivers. 

Shoes that have been built to withstand such harsh treatment can last you for long enough, while delivering their best on what else is important. Another reason for a durable product is that of saving money, which we’ve shed light on. There’s no good point in spending money after more, getting products that don’t last.

But how will you know before making a particular purchase, that a pair you’ve grown some liking to, is going to last you the while you hope? One way is having a look at what other users of the same product have had to say. Customer feedback provides an insight into experiences with what you’re looking to buy.

This feedback is not, however, always reliable. Some customers or users may not provide accurate information, and some disappointments may arise from failure to understand what a product offers. You may be unhappy to lack what you’re looking for, but perhaps it was never on the offer table.

Another way is to check the materials that the product is made of. Different materials deliver different qualities, and thus, varied durability. While leather is a prominent and indeed superior material, a few others could prove to have what it takes. You may realize that the best preferred material for soles is rubber, and it does deliver!


A material or product’s ability to keep water off is an impressive feature that most people would go for. When dealing with hunting boots, waterproof models are a go-to for a better and perhaps more fulfilling experience. How so?

Regular shoes may keep mist away, and sometimes not well enough. They may not be good enough for rainy weather, or even terrains that involve coming across, in, or over water. You may fit into them perfectly, getting a pair for what may feel like a good price, but in the end, walk away with disappointment. 

Hunting boots have been specially designed to serve this purpose. It is not only their materials but also how they have been weaved together that makes them good for bad conditions. They are built to be tough, and withstanding, and will therefore take you through rough places.

A waterproof model is indeed something a hunter would jump at because you’re guaranteed dryness from splashes from or dips in water. You can proceed with and focus on your chase without having to stress about the condition you’ll leave your feet or boots in.

You will often find that breathability is coupled with waterproofing and moisture-wicking; products with these features are great because they all work together in delivering ultimate comfort. Let’s quickly discuss how and why.

A product that is easily breathable makes it easy to move, since it improves air circulation in your feet. With such good air circulation, your feet can remain dry for long. Should they sweat profusely due to warm or hot weather, then the moisture wicking feature steps in and saves the day.

The crown of the trio is waterproofing, which without affecting your boots’ ability to keep your feet fresh and aerated, ensures no water goes in. What results from all the three features together? Ultimate comfort! A product with such an incorporation is ideal for purchase.


Along with waterproofing abilities, is a boot’s ability to keep the inners fresh and odourless. But how would the odour build up? You may wonder. Well, with long hours of leaving your feet strapped in with heat, comes not only sweating but also odour.

You could face the same challenge if your pair may, in a way, be getting water to your feet. The combination of stuffed air, heat, and water after hours of rubbing on and against your feet can result in a bad smell. Boots that are anti-odour have a busy hunter in mind, and should serve you well.

You wouldn’t want to take off your boots to a strong odour from all your day’s activities. If hunting is your regular activity, then you perhaps like to keep everything neat and fresh throughout. Get an anti-odour pair for a smooth experience. 

There is always more that you can keep in mind before shopping for the best turkey hunting boots; we haven’t discussed it all. Your preference on what product to purchase, however, always takes the day. Take your time to make a good choice. Happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Your preferred gear for turkey hunting can surely not miss a nice pair of boots. Seasoned and new hunters will find that piece to be as necessary as a pair of camouflage wear. Boots go a long way in enhancing comfort, and protecting your feet from possible injuries or blisters from rough terrains.

There are also shoes available for every need, like speed hunting and season hunting. If you anticipate a chase in your hunt, then you may have certain preferences from the boots, that should make your time out there easier.

If you’re hunting with the season, in the same line, then you will have varied preferences for each hunting season. But all that is just one part of the challenge. Choosing a pair that will work for you is another task; how do you overcome it? 

We have discussed plenty that should help in your next shopping, and above all, here is my recommendation: get the Danner Men’s Gila 6. If you’ll be hunting in rough and perhaps challenging surroundings, then these boots may serve you well. 

You will get not only high-quality but also waterproofness, thanks to their Gore-Tex lining, which also enhances breathability. You may find their speed hooks to be compatible with D-ring lacing. Their padded collar also offers protection, besides extra comfort. 

You may also find their removable insole to be soft and the PU midsole to be more supportive. The boots’ rubber stabilizes footing in rough and ragged terrains. Besides the easily breathable lining, is the boots’ polyurethane foot bed, which not only improves air circulation but also offers more comfort. 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get this pair. Buy the Danner Men’s Gila 6 boots today!