What are the Top Seats & Stools for Turkey Hunting?

Have you ever wondered why spring is referred to as turkey hunting season? This is simply because it is during spring that the turkeys enjoy their mating season, making it easy for them to be hunted.

Turkey hunting is a very intriguing and enjoyable task that can serve as the perfect recreational activity or rather pass time during the spring season. However, it is fundamental to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared before going out to the field.

Preparation, in as far as turkey hunting is concerned, basically means that you have to make certain that you have the required equipment for turkey hunting.

Equipment such as the ideal and most suitable turkey hunting knife and the perfect turkey hunting chairs are paramount. Turkey hunting can prove to be a very tedious and involving task.

It is therefore important to ensure that you have a hunting chair that will enable you to rest every once in a while. Lucky for you, there are several hunting chairs to choose from.

In this article, I will discuss the various types of hunting chairs, with the aim of helping you choose the best and most suitable turkey hunting chair.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Turkey Chair.

   If you are looking for value for your money, then this is the perfect chair for you. For fifty-seven dollars, you are guaranteed of a hunting chair that is of good quality and highly efficient.

The ALPS hunting chair is made of powder-coated steel which is really convenient since this ensures the chair’s durability. In as far as comfort is concerned, the ALPS hunting chair is really comfortable.

Furthermore, when purchasing the hunting chair, there is an option of ordering extra padding that will ensure that you are even more comfortable. Therefore, with this hunting chair, your comfort is definitely guaranteed.

Are you a plus-size turkey hunter? Then worry not, because this hunting chair is perfect for you. The ALPS hunting chair is designed in such a way that it can easily support the weight of plus size turkey hunters as well as ensure that they are really comfortable.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Easy to unfold when setting up.
  • It is quiet in the woods.


  • It is a little bit heavy.

2. Strongback low gravity beach chair.

As the name suggests, the Strongback chair is mostly designed for sitting and relaxing on the beach. However, this does not mean that it is limited to beach recreation only since it contains features that can make it really convenient in other areas.

It is a really comfortable chair that comes with big feet that are highly convenient for ensuring that the chair is sturdy especially in the sand or on any other terrain. 

The Strongback is a seat that is specifically designed to help improve your posture when seated. Do you suffer from back pains? Then this is a suitable chair for you since it offers strong back support which prevents back pains.

The chair comes with padded armrests and a cup holder, which further ensures your comfort. It has a low profile, meaning it is close to the ground, which would be convenient for hunting since it ensures that you are hidden from the turkey’s sight.


  • It is really comfortable.
  • The chair is of good quality hence durable.
  • The big feet ensure it is sturdy.


  • The chair is very expensive.
  • It is heavy hence difficult to carry around.
  • Loose straps on the backpack make it difficult to carry the chair.

3. Browning Camping Strutter Chair.

The Browning Camper chair can be lauded for the fact that it has really nice features that come at a very affordable price. It has a steel frame that is powder-coated hence ensuring its durability.

If you are one for sophistication, then this chair is definitely for you. It offers a very intriguing folding design and comes with an equally interesting carrier bag that is helpful when transporting the chair.

In as far as sturdiness is concerned, this chair has rotating feet that help it remain very sturdy on any terrain. Furthermore, the Browning chair is very swift when it comes to folding and unfolding the chair, hence making it very easy to set up.

This chair has a very nice quality, and is also low profile, ensuring that the hunter is close to the ground, therefore keeping them hidden from their prey. It is important to reiterate that this chair is cheap hence very affordable to many.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It is cheap hence affordable.
  • Has good quality.
  • It is really sturdy.


  • It is really heavy hence difficult to move around with.
  • It makes a squeaking sound that is likely to scare the turkeys away.

4. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Deluxe Two-Way Strut Seat.

In as far as uniqueness is concerned, this chair definitely takes the prize. The Hunters Specialties is not designed like any of the other chairs discussed above. Instead, this chair is designed more like a stool, since it has no backrest area.

The idea is to basically help you stay hidden during hunting as you lean against a tree with your body close to the ground since it also has a low profile. It has steel legs that are made of an aluminum frame which helps ensure the chair’s durability.

The hinges of the Hunters Specialties chair are designed so as to allow for easy folding and unfolding of the chair making it easy to set up and take off when heading to another location.

Further on uniqueness and creativity, the chair has legs that are reversible as well as angled, so as to make it suitable for any terrain conditions.


  • It is light in weight, hence easy to carry.
  • It is really cheap, being sold at only twelve dollars.
  • It has good quality hence guaranteeing durability.
  • The chair is sturdy.


  • Not ideal if you have back issues.
  • Really uncomfortable to sit on, and it requires you to add a padded cushion.

5. Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair.

Browning is very high quality and interesting hunting chair that has various appealing features. The most outstanding feature that shows creativity in the chair’s design, is the fact that it comes with front and back pockets.

These pockets are highly advantageous since they provide a convenient place for you to store your hunting gear, not so far from where you are seated, hence making it easy to retrieve the said gear.

It is a low profile hunting chair, ensuring that you sit well close to the ground as you patiently wait for your prey. The chair is coated with a steel frame that is durable and it comes with a padded shoulder carrying strap that helps with transporting the chair.

If you are blessed with height then this is the chair for you, since it is able to accommodate your height while ensuring that you remain comfortable and relaxed.


  • It has pockets which aid in keeping your gear close.
  • It is a low profile, ensuring you remain hidden when hunting.
  • Has a good backrest.


  • It is bulky, making it hard to transport without making noise in the woods.

Factors to consider when looking for the best turkey hunting chair.

Just like with any other product, there are several factors that you have to consider when it comes to shopping for the best turkey hunting chair. Without adhering to these factors, then the chances of you buying the best turkey hunting chair are nil.

These factors are basically the prerequisites that you set for yourself, and therefore the best turkey hunting chair should be that which meets the threshold. It is therefore important to ask yourself various questions such as;

Is the chair comfortable?

Turkey hunting is an exercise that will have you standing for hours. As mentioned above, the hunt for turkeys is done during their mating season, where the male turkey usually goes out in search of the female turkey while responding to her call.

As a turkey hunter, it is therefore fundamental to learn the female turkey call, since it is through this call that you will be able to woe the male turkey during hunting.

The calling is mostly done when standing or when seated on your turkey hunting chair, carefully hiding behind the bushes. Do you then honestly think that this is a process that can be accomplished with an uncomfortable hunting chair?

Clearly, the turkey hunting process is one that requires the utmost patience as it will have you waiting for hours on end before the turkey decides to heed your call. It is therefore paramount to ensure that this waiting is done on a comfortable hunting chair.

A comfortable hunting chair will ensure that you are relaxed and attentive enough while patiently waiting for the turkey. In order to ensure this, the size of the chair is the first factor that you should consider.

The hunting chair you choose should be suitable for your height and weight. This is fundamental since it helps you avoid the difficulties that come with choosing a hunting chair that is either too big or too small for you.

Is it portable?

When turkey hunting, it is the norm to move from place to place while scouting the perfect hunting location. It would therefore be difficult to move around carrying a bulky and heavy hunting chair.

When shopping for the best turkey hunting chair, you should therefore choose a chair that is light in weight hence making it easy to move around with.

A light and easy to carry hunting chair is also advisable since it enables you to move stealthily through the woods without attracting any unnecessary attention which would result in you scaring the turkeys off.

In as far as portability is concerned, you should not only consider how light the chair is but also look at how it folds and unfolds. You should choose a chair that has quality hinges, that enable the chair to fold swiftly during packing.

A quick and easy to fold chair is highly convenient since it enables you to move from one location to the next without wasting any time. 

Is it durable?

The best turkey hunting chair is that which lasts for a long time while still brilliantly serving its purpose. You, therefore, want to make sure that you choose a turkey hunting chair that will serve you for a long while before you decide to buy another one.

How do you know whether or not your hunting chair is durable? You simply look at the quality of the chair. The finer the quality the higher the chances of the chair serving its purpose for a long time, as it should.

You should also look at other details such as the legs of the chair. A hunting chair that has powder-coated steel legs should be the best bet since they guarantee the chair’s durability.

Furthermore, something as simple as how the chair’s fabric has been knitted can help tell you whether or not the hunting chair is durable. Ensure that you choose a hunting chair whose fabric is well-knitted.

It would definitely be heartbreaking to spend money on a turkey hunting chair only for it to break down a few weeks later. In order to avoid this, you should ensure that you consider durability when shopping for the best turkey hunting chair.

Is it within your budget?

Price is a factor that is considered when buying any product, and therefore it is not any different when it comes to a turkey hunting chair. Before buying a turkey hunting chair, you have to ensure that it has a price that within your budget.

It is also important to ensure that you get value for your money. Do not buy a hunting chair that is really expensive but of very poor quality. On the flip side, you should also not buy a very cheap hunting chair that is of bad quality all in the name of saving.

When it comes to the question of price, this is simply up to you since only you know what you can or cannot afford. It is nonetheless advisable to choose a turkey hunting chair that is of good quality and also affordable.

Is your chair sturdy?

It goes without saying that having a hunting chair that is sturdy is absolutely paramount. A hunting chair that is sturdy is one that is built and designed in a way that ensures that it is able to remain stable, regardless of the terrain.

This takes us back to the earlier discussion on comfort. Having a turkey hunting chair that is unsteady would definitely make you uncomfortable, leading to loss of concentration and hence an unsuccessful hunting expedition.

Unsteady hunting chairs have the tendency of squeaking every time you change your sitting position on the chair. This is another great downside since, in order for turkey hunting to be successful, silence is key.

You, therefore, want to definitely avoid a squeaking hunting chair since the squeaking noise is likely to alert the turkey that you are in the vicinity, hence scaring it away. 

To avoid all this, ensure that you choose a turkey hunting chair whose legs are very well designed to withstand whatever terrain you decide to be hunting in as well as also your weight. 

You do not want to pick a hunting chair that sinks in the sand or is slippery and unable to remain steady on wet terrain. 

Neither do you want to pick one that constantly squeaks when you shift as a result of either being unstable or unable to support your weight. Therefore make sure that you choose a turkey hunting chair that is sturdy no matter what.

Does it fit your purpose?

There are countless hunting chairs that have been developed by various companies, and that are still being developed, meaning that you may find yourself in a situation where you are spoilt for choice since you have so many brands to choose from.

During situations like these, it is fundamental to ensure that you pick the brand that best fits your purpose. What exactly is this so-called purpose? It is simply what you intend to use the product.

In this article, our purpose is turkey hunting, and therefore when shopping for a hunting chair, it is paramount that you choose one that is best suited for turkey hunting. You should therefore not just pick a hunting chair haphazardly.

How do you know whether a chair is best suited for turkey hunting? The first feature you should consider is whether or not it is a low profile. Low profile hunting chairs are the best when it comes to turkey hunting.

A low profile hunting chair ensures that you are seated close to the ground, hence ensuring that you remain hidden from your prey. With a low profile hunting chair, you are able to comfortably hide in the bushes and patiently wait for the turkey to emerge.

Apart from the hunting chair being low profile, you also have to make sure that the chair you choose best suits your needs not only as a hunter but also as a person.

For example, if you suffer from back pains, it is important to choose a turkey hunting chair that has nice backrest support, so as to ensure that you avoid suffering from the pains during the hunting process. This, again, takes us back to the point of comfort.

Shopping for the best turkey hunting chair requires you to always remember the purpose of the hunting chair you are looking for, so as to avoid incidences where you may choose a beach chair with the aim of using it for turkey hunting.

The main point to remember therefore is that turkey hunting is a process that demands patience, silence, careful hiding, and stealthy movements if any.

Therefore, the turkey hunting chair that you choose should be able to help you achieve this goal. For patience, you need a very comfortable chair that will enable you to sit comfortably for hours without suffering any pains or discomfort while waiting.

For silence, you need a turkey hunting chair that is steady and does not make any sounds when you shift positions. For careful hiding, the hunting chair has to be low profile.

As for the stealthy movements, the hunting chair has to be easily portable hence not bulky and heavy. Knowing the qualities that the perfect turkey hunting chair should have helps you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong hunting chair.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that when you come across a turkey hunting chair that is not only perfect for turkey hunting but is also fit for other purposes, then it is advisable to pick it since this is a case of killing two birds with one stone.


It is quite clear from the above discussion that choosing the best turkey hunting chair can be quite a task. However, you are bound to have an easy time if you adhere to the factors above.

Personally, the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Turkey Chair seems like the best choice. This is a chair that prioritizes your comfort by ensuring you are relaxed and at peace, and goes further to give you the chance to get extra padding so as to ensure your comfort.

It is pocket friendly, hence ensuring that you are able to get a quality turkey hunting chair at an affordable price. The fact that it is able to cater for people of all types of weight is also something that really stands out.

This is a turkey hunting chair that in one way or another embraces diversity by simply making life easier for the plus size turkey hunters by giving them a hunting chair that prioritizes their comfort.

This hunting chair completely satisfies all the factors discussed above, making it clear that it is surely the best. True to its name (Turkey Chair), the ALPS is definitely the best turkey hunting chair!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!